Do you struggle to engage your board in fundraising? Perhaps: 

  • Your board is passionate and committed to your cause but not interested in fundraising
  • Whenever you mention fundraising, your board members look at the person sitting next to them
  • Or maybe board members say they want to help with fundraising but then they don't follow through
  • Or your board members ask for "talking points" or an "elevator pitch" - but when you provide these materials, they still don't help with fundraising

The truth is:  Your board probably really does want to help, they just don't know how! Nonprofit board members are often recruited to join a board with no mention of fundraising. Then, somewhere along the way, expectations change and now fundraising is part of your board members' job description. Not surprisingly, board members feel nervous, unprepared and out of their element. 

But none of this is insurmountable! In fact, there's a pretty easy fix - a workshop to build your board members confidence may be just the ticket! 

Here are just a few of the workshops you might consider for your board or your staff. In general, all of my workshops are hands-on, highly interactive, energizing and just plain fun. No death by PowerPoint here!

Mission Moments: Telling Your Story

Mission Moments: Telling Your Story is a focused two-hour board workshop that will engage and empower your board to get comfortable talking about your organization. Like all of my workshops, this one is hands-on, highly interactive, energizing and fun. No death by PowerPoint here - in fact, there's not a PowerPoint slide in sight! 

You and/or your staff don't have a ton (or any!) face-to-face fundraising experience and you're nervous about meeting with donors

You wonder what you should say or do in order to schedule a cultivation meeting with a donor

You or your staff 


Sometimes a little training can go a long way...

And when I say training, I'm not talking