Fundraising Workshops to Empower Your Board and Staff

Are you looking to raise more money for your organization this year? Would you like to meet with more donors but you're not sure how to get the meeting? Or, maybe you already have a meeting scheduled but you're not sure what you should talk about with your donor? Or how to ask for a big gift?

Has your Board of Directors been reluctant to help with fundraising? When you ask your board for help with fundraising, do they all give you a blank stare or look at the person next to them? Are your board members nervous about actually talking with donors? Maybe they've been asking for an "elevator pitch" because they don't know the best way to talk about the work and mission of your organization.

All of these challenges - and more! - can be addressed with a Board (or Staff) Empowerment Workshop.

What is an Empowerment Workshop?

My board and staff empowerment workshops are designed to help frontline development staff, leadership staff, board members and other volunteers to get comfortable with the mechanics of fundraising. The workshops (or trainings) are completely tailored to your organization's unique challenges. We'll begin with an assessment of your nonprofit’s current fundraising efforts, results and goals.

Specific outcomes will be determined as part of the planning process but you can expect that your workshop will focus on the nuts and bolts of major donor cultivation, solicitation and stewardship. The agenda and support materials for your training (role playing activities, takeaways, worksheets, etc.) will be determined during the planning and preparation phase in conjunction with you and your planning team. 


Expected outcomes:

  • Reduce resistance to fundraising by gaining a greater understanding of philanthropy
  • Shift the perspective on fundraising to realize the joy and pleasure of giving – and in turn the privilege of asking
  • Reduce the mystery of talking with prospects and donors
  • Emphasize that asking for gifts is only a small part of the overall fundraising process
  • Walk away with compelling messages about your work & mission that make sense and feel comfortable for each participant
  • Enhance team building between board and executive staff
  • Other outcomes as identified during planning phase
  • Workshops are full-day, half-day or 2-hour sessions.

Photo: sarah skeen

Photo: sarah skeen

I take on a limited number of workshop clients each year and my calendar is filling up! 

If you are interested in working with me to facilitate your board or staff training workshop email me at Kathie{at} so we can set up a call to explore your goals and challenges.

I look forward to helping you and your organization raise more money! 

"Thank you so much, Kathie. The training was excellent, and just what we needed. Board members are already stepping up to the plate. It feels like we hit a turning point, with people finally feeling comfortable with engaging in the ask process. Not sure how you did it, but people are making the shift from “OMG, I have to ask for money??!!!”  to “Oh yea, I can do this.”"    

-- Carol 'CJ' Hauss, Executive Director, Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford (Conn.)