How to Wow Your Donors in Less Than 60 Seconds

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Need an easy and inexpensive way to connect with your donors that is personalized and will make a real impact? Who doesn’t, right? Read on for 5 reasons why thank-you videos are one of my favorite ways to thank donors!

Thank-you videos are…

1. Fast and easy

It can take less than a minute to make a personalized thank-you video. Even if you don’t have a smart phone, I bet someone in your organization does—and that is all you need to record and upload a video.

2. Inexpensive

Other than the few minutes it will take you to record and send your video, the cost of recording videos is essentially zero.

3. Easily personalized

Because videos are so easy to make, you can make a personalized video for a whole bunch of donors at once. Use the same script but change the name of your donor, and voila – it’s a one-of-a-kind video!

4. Impactful

Because donors don’t receive thank-you videos every day—I would guess many have NEVER received one—yours will stand out. And that means your organization will stand out in the mind of your donor, who will, in turn, will feel appreciated and special – fantastic donor-centered cultivation!

5. Simple to share

Once your video is recorded, there are a few ways to share it. You can upload to YouTube, Vimeo or a similar platform. Or, if the donor prefers to remain anonymous —and provided the video is short enough—you can email the video file directly to the donor.

If the idea of making a thank-you video terrifies you, I would encourage you to give it a try anyway. As with any skill, it takes a little practice, and once you have one or two under your belt, I think you’ll find they are fun to produce and definitely fun to share!

If video feels like too much, start by recording a thank you audio clip. Most smart phones have the ability to record audio files that also can be shared with your donors.

For a nice example of a personalized, impactful thank-you video from a shelter for homeless youth in Denver, Colorado, click here. I love that the speaker chooses the organization’s food pantry as the setting for his video, as it shows the donor first-hand the impact of their gift—great stewardship!

What are your thoughts on thanking donors using video or audio clips? Have you done anything like this with your donors? Please share your thoughts or experience in the Comments box below!

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