Stand Up to Raise More Money

An integral part of fundraising is building relationships with your donors and prospects. And what better way to build a relationship with your donor than to pick up the phone and have a real live conversation with them? (Ok, meeting in person is better but not always possible.)

When you place a call to a donor or prospect, I encourage you to STAND UP before you dial. Here are 5 reasons why standing up will help you build strong relationships with your donors, and in turn, raise more money.

1. You will sound more enthusiastic

Standing up naturally boosts your energy level. Lifting your head, eyes, and mouth results in a lifting of your voice and spirit. Your uplifted energy, in turn, results in more enthusiasm – and this enthusiasm will come through to your donor. People respond more positively if YOU sound positive, happy and enthusiastic about your organization’s work and mission.

2. You will be easier to understand

Standing up puts less pressure on your diaphragm than sitting down. Thus, your voice will be clearer, your donor or prospect will be more likely to understand what you’re saying, and you can convey your brilliant side of the conversation more clearly. If your donors really understand the impact your organization is having, won’t they be more likely to support your work?

3. You will sound more natural

You’re more likely to adopt a normal pattern of conversation if you’ve stood up as you can freely wave your arms about. Yes, the person with whom you’re talking can’t see what you are doing with your arms, but freedom of movement mimics a normal face-to-face conversation, resulting in more natural speech patterns. You don’t want to sound like you’re reading from a script—you want your authentic voice to help you build your relationships.

4. You will feel more confident

Your confidence gets a boost because your standing position—psychologically—will make you feel higher than the person you’re talking to. The result: you feel more in control of the conversation and will be more able to guide the prospect or donor towards a mutually acceptable position—or whatever your goal for the conversation might be.

5. Standing is good for your health

Studies consistently show that we should not be sitting at our desks all day if we want to live long, healthy lives. According to Gretchen Reynolds, a veteran health and fitness reporter, on standing, “You start using the big muscles in your legs, which helps break up fat in your bloodstream; it decreases your chances of getting diabetes and heart disease.”

So not only will you build better relationships (and raise more money), you will live longer!

Not yet calling donors or prospects? Here are a few ways to start:

  • Thank your donor for their gift
  • Invite your donor to an event
  • Share news with your donor about their favorite program
  • Ask your donor for advice
  • Say happy birthday or happy anniversary to your donor
  • Ask for a donation!

What reasons do you have for calling a donor? Do you stand up when making calls? Please share your thoughts, tips, and advice in the Comments box below!

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