Stop Asking Rich People for Money

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Last week, I overheard a fundraiser say, “I’m tired of asking rich people for money.” And I thought, “yikes, if I felt like fundraising was about asking rich people for money, I would be tired, too!”

Newsflash – fundraising is not about the money!

You may be thinking, “what is she talking about? Of course fundraising is about money – it says so right there in the word… raising funds.”

Sure, funds are part of it. But they’re a means to an end. Fundraising is really about connecting people with causes they care about. It’s about inspiring donors, sharing stories, changing the world!

Money is the tool that makes changing the world possible, and a donor’s support allows a transformation to occur.

Maybe it’s building a home for a young family with limited means, or cleaning up a polluted river, or sending a kid to college, or finding a cure for cancer, or teaching young people the importance of good nutrition. Whatever the big change your nonprofit is making happen. Isn’t that better than asking rich people for money?

Recharge your batteries

Changing the world is hard work!

If you sometimes feel like you’re simply asking rich people for money – and you’re tired of it – take a step back. Get out of the office to recharge your batteries. Or better yet, visit your mission in action.

If you work for an education program, spend time with the kids. If you work for a hospital, take a walk through a ward. If you work for an environmental organization, stop to smell the roses—literally!

Asking rich people for money feels too much like begging. You’re not a beggar. You’re a fundraiser. Fundraisers are changing the world – be proud of it!

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