The Power of Positive Thinking in Fundraising

Image: jesadaphorn at

Image: jesadaphorn at

Positive thinking. You hear about it, read about, perhaps aspire to it. Just what is positive thinking and how can it help you do a better job in your fundraising work? 

The Collins English Dictionary defines positive thinking as: an optimistic attitude or a technique for changing your attitude and fostering optimism.

My personal definition of positive thinking is this: you anticipate happiness and success and you believe you can overcome any obstacle or difficulty. And, you’ll boost your chances for success simply by believing you’ll be successful. 

As an example, say you’re meeting with a donor this week. Here are 2 ways positive thinking can enhance the experience.

1. Positivity boosts your confidence

Thinking positive thoughts about your upcoming meeting puts you in a better frame of mind. Visualize having a nice conversation. If asking for a gift, visualize being successful with the Ask.

Whether asking for a gift or simply meeting with your donor to ask for advice, when you think positive and believe your visit will go well, you will appear confident instead of looking nervous and you’ll comfortably represent your organization.

2. Positivity is contagious

Ever notice that it’s harder to feel grumpy when you’re hanging out with someone who is happy? Your upbeat attitude and energy will spread to the people around you, including your donor.

When you’re positive, you’ll be more enthusiastic about your organization’s work and mission and these good feelings will come across to your donor. 

One final thought…

Attitude ISN’T everything

Positive thinking is not magic – it’s not all you need to do! You can’t walk into your donor visit and “wing it,” trusting it will be ok just because you think it will. Prepare to do your best and practice as needed. 

For example, plan the questions you’ll ask your donor during the visit. Feeling prepared will help you to relax about the meeting and feel good about the discussion and results.

I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking. Certainly not a perfect practitioner, I’m a consistent striver. If you’d like to practice, here are 10 tips to get you started.

Here’s to your success with positive thinking and all that it can bring to both your fundraising work and your life!

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What are your thoughts on positive thinking? Helpful or not helpful? Please share in the Comments box below.