To Close a Gift… Ask a Question

In nonprofit fundraising, closing major gifts is a common challenge for volunteer and professional fundraisers. Many fundraisers – perhaps you, too? – say they are great at building relationships, telling stories, cultivating donors and stewardship, but when it comes to asking a donor to consider committing to a gift, they’re often at a loss for words.

To Close a Gift… Ask a Question

That’s why I love this audio resource from ForImpact – 20 Ways to CLOSE. This recording provides closing language for 20 different donor scenarios. (Note: the full recording lasts 70 minutes.) A common thread? Closing a gift often involves asking a question, and helping your prospect zoom out from a ground-level, in-the-weeds conversation about your organization to a 30,000-foot conversation about changing the world. As the narrator, Nick Fellers, says, great closes happen at 30,000 feet!

So sit back, grab a snack and listen to some of these effective (and very entertaining) closes. Or do what I did and download the recording to your smartphone and listen in your car or at the gym. Then, get out there and try some of these!

What other ideas do you have for closing a gift? Let us know in the Comments box below.

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