Donor Communications – Show Donors the Impact of Their Gift

Show donors the impact of their gift

All donors to your organization seek the answer to a single question – What did you do with my money? Fundraising staff often produce page after page of report narratives, charts, statistics and articles in an effort to answer this simple question.  

Try looking at your activities from a donor-centered angle; when communicating with donors:

Tell less; show more.

Humans are visual creatures. Of the five senses, the brain dedicates the most functional space to vision. Marketers figured this out long ago, and thousands of articles, like this one attest to the power of visual communication.

Here are some ways you can SHOW donors the impact of their support:

Schedule a Site Visit. Instead of relying on a phone call or an email, invite your donors for a tour of your site or facility so they can see, hear, smell, and feel the whole experience of your organization.

Arrange a Constituent Chat. Let a donor talk with one of the people you serve. This can be an incredibly powerful experience for your donor and it doesn’t have to last long. Structure it as a 5- to 10-minute informal “interview,” with you as the moderator. Be sure to include time at the end for your donor to ask her own questions. 

Let pictures tell your story. Include a photo (or 5!) in your organization’s letterhead. Attach a short video clip of constituents saying thank you in your next email blast to donors.

Use Infographics. Have lots of statistics you want to share? Turn some of those facts and figures into infographics - visual representations of data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. You can make your own infographic here.

How do you engage donors visually? Or through their other senses? 

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