Fundraising Event Branding - 4 Super Tips for Doing it Right

Branding – really? 

Yes, really! Just as branding helps sell consumer products (think: Starbucks and Coca-Cola), branding can help organizations raise more funds. People buy (or support, in the case of an event) what they know and are familiar with. Termed “brand awareness,” this familiarity with your organization and event translates into increased ticket sales and sponsorships.

Brand awareness for both your organization and your event are important.

Here are 4 Super Tips for how to do event branding right:

Super Tip #1:  Determine the Personality of Your Event

Every event has a personality and that personality dictates how the event will be perceived and who will want to support it. Before you promote your event, it’s important to be clear, internally, about its personality. For example, is the tone of your event fun? Serious? Exciting? Reserved? Uplifting? Hopeful? Inclusive? Exclusive? Being able to describe the personality of your event will help define the external communications for ticket selling and sponsorship solicitations.

Super Tip #2:  Select a Catchy and Meaningful Event Name

Your event should not be known as “our annual gala.” It needs to be something snappier that reflects your mission. You want a name that communicates both the culture of your organization and the personality of your event. What are your organization’s values? What’s its vision? And from a practical standpoint, pick a name for your event that’s easy to remember!

For example, Hunger Free Colorado, an anti-hunger organization whose mission is to leverage the power of collaboration, system change, policy change and social change to end hunger in Colorado, hosts an annual anti-hunger conference each year called "Hungry for Change." The name "Hungry for Change" is short, easy to remember and addresses both "hunger" and "change," two key words in the organization's mission.

Super Tip #3:  Create a Logo for Your Event

A logo may cost some money to design, but the investment is worth it! A logo helps to convey the personality of your event and distinguishes it from similar events in your community. It brands it as an “established” event, which fosters a sense of credibility and a sense of stability. Plus, a logo will make your event more memorable. 

Super Tip #4:  Use Your Event Name and Logo Consistently in All Communications

Just as important as having an event name and logo, is your organization’s willingness to use them! Include your event logo and name whenever possible in electronic and print communications. This means:

  • the tagline of staff emails
  • your organization's social media presence
  • all sponsorship solicitation materials
  • all print and e-newsletters
  • all other event promotional materials

Be sure all of your staff (not just the development department!) knows the event name and uses it whenever they are talking about the event.

In a perfect world, your event will become an annual occurrence. Brand names and logos gain traction the longer they are in use so be sure to keep using them year after year!

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