Fundraising Events - 10 Keys to Your Best Event Yet!

Ever wonder how some organizations consistently raise boatloads of money from their signature fundraising events? You know who I’m talking about. These organizations are well known, they’re doing important work and they are kicking it with their fundraising events.

Want to be like them and maximize fundraising event revenue? Go ahead and produce your best event yet by following these 10 key steps:

Before the Event

1.  Brand your event

Keys for your best fundraising event yet

Building brand awareness for your fundraising event will increase recognition for both your event and your organization. The community will know who you are and fundraising will be easier than ever. Check out my blog post on Event Branding!

2.  Recruit a volunteer host committee

Strong volunteers add tremendously to your ability to outreach into the community and connect with new potential donors. Learn more about Engaging a Volunteer Host Committee here.

3.  Engage your Board of Directors

Your Board members are your most valuable volunteers. They know your organization best and deeply care about your mission and work.

4.  Create and sell sponsorship packages

Here’s where the big potential lies. Ticket sales will only get you so far – you’ll need sponsorship dollars to really pump up your fundraising results. Learn more here.

During the Event

5.  Showcase your organization's programs

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to educate your event guests about the wonderful work your organization is doing in the community.

6.  Provide opportunities for giving

You have a captive audience all caught up in all the good your organization does. Don’t miss this chance and please do think beyond silent auction!

7.  Recognize sponsors

Thanking sponsors during the event, in front of a room full of people, is key. For most corporate sponsors, this is a must.

8.  Ensure that all guests have a fabulous time and thank them for attending

Who doesn’t like to be thanked? Be sure your remarks include not only a sponsor thank you but also a shout-out to everyone who made the time to attend.

After the Event

9.  Thank sponsors and remind them of your event and organization

Remembering your sponsors after the event is a great touch. Send a book of photos or other personalized memento.

10. Thank guests and remind them of your event and organization

Sending a personalized something (Email? Note? Photo?) is a fabulous touch and will certainly help to make your event memorable.

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What are your Must-Do’s for a successful fundraising event?

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